Shopper Tote

You have been asking and here it is....a tote with a zipper! The Shopper Tote is smaller than our roomy open tote, has a unique and stylish shape, and is perfect for your daily go-to. The design of the zipper panel allows you to use this bag as an open tote or a zippered tote.  The interior is white (so you can easily see what is in your bag) and has our signature vinyl lining for easy cleaning.

The vibrant colors are a nod to Mandy Bagwell, sister of Mary Beth, the owner and designer of mb greene.  Mandy's original art has influenced the vibrant colors of the M.Bagwell Shopper Tote and includes a keepsake, high quality luggage tag and bio.  All profits from the sale of the M.Bagwell Shopper Tote will be donated to the M.Bagwell Foundation to do more good.

The Shopper Tote is also available in Solid Berry and Solid Navy.

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